Hello everyone!

I will start this month’s message by reminding everyone that the FRVTA Scholarship Program is now accepting applications for the Fall 2023 Semester. This scholarship is open to all FRVTA members and their employees. The deadline to apply is June 2, 2023. The FRVTA Scholarship Program is an excellent way to help our members and their families have the chance to receive financial help toward their pursuit of further education and we encourage all who qualify to apply.

We just completed our spring Board of Director’s Meeting on April 15th and many issues were covered at the meeting with one of the items being another successful Tampa RV SuperShow. We had  some hiccups attributed to the electrical issues that occurred at the Fairgrounds but overall, it was, once again, another amazing effort by our staff and the many volunteers that help each year and was a tremendous success. Congratulations to everyone!

Another topic that was discussed at the board meeting was our plan to transition our education program and the position of Education Director, held by Veronica Helms, to more of a Brand Ambassador position to present to our members the services that the FRVTA has to offer as well assist our members in accessing those services. With the changes going on in the industry regarding education services, we felt it was in the Association’s, and the Board’s best interest, as well as our members, to get out and get in front of our members to reinforce what we have to offer and what the FRVTA can do to help them be more successful.

We are putting all the guidelines and expectations together for the new direction and will be working with Veronica to get her input and insight as well and we plan to have everything in place by early summer to begin moving forward. We think this is an exciting change of direction and can be a huge help to our members as well as getting the FRVTA, and what we have to offer our members, out in front of them on a face-to-face level.

We continue to search for a new location for our office as we have completely outgrown our current location and we are committed to helping the office staff with their search as well as reacting quickly to them once they find a location that they are interested in moving forward with. We are all working together to make decisions that are financially sound and practical while finding the best space for our staff to continue to do the amazing job they do in a more comfortable, up to date atmosphere.

I hope all of you have an amazing month of May!

Until next time!
Ken Loyd
FRVTA President