The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) is responsible for licensing individuals and businesses that sell, transport, dispense or store liquefied petroleum (LP) gas and that manufacture, install, service or repair LP gas containers, systems, or appliances.  The department inspects facilities where LP gas is sold or stored and investigates accidents involving LP gas or equipment.  We want to ensure our members are taking the proper steps to maintain this important business license.  In addition to the business license, each location must have a Master Qualifier or Qualifier assigned to the business location depending on the license category you select.

In 2020, the Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) received an RV-specialized business category, which is Category I LP Gas RV Dealer (LR).  This category covers your business based on the following LP Gas activities:  Operating an LP gas dispensing unit to serve the consumer for industrial, commercial, or domestic use; selling or leasing LP gas appliances or equipment; installing; servicing or repairing recreational vehicle LP gas appliances and equipment.  To register for this license, the state will charge a registration fee of $400 – for one year, $800 for two years, and $1,200 for three years.  The state will require insurance, for Category I LP Gas RV Dealer (LR) license you must provide proof of $1 million (minimum) bodily injury and property damage liability insurance covering the products and operations of the business.  FDACS requires one master qualifier who is a full-time employee at the licensed location.  If you DO NOT obtain an LP Gas license and have a full-time employee pass the Master Qualifier or Qualifier exam, you will not be allowed to touch LP Gas.  Refusing to follow this critical statewide license requirement will be detrimental to your RV business.  The fines may cost you thousands of dollars and some infractions may be considered a 3rd-degree felony.

There are a total of six different types of LP Gas business licenses.  The state refers to them as Categories, you will see two categories I exams.  We highly recommend RV dealerships select the Category I LP Gas RV Dealer (LR) license.  As a mobile technician business, you may not need this category, it will depend on your business goals.  Review the different licenses here.

As an FRVTA member, we provide a Category I LP Gas RV Dealer (LR) test prep course for free.  We also provide two additional courses that meet the CEU requirements to renew your Master Qualifier/Qualifier certification every three years.  You can earn up to 12 CEUs which can be applied towards the required 16 CEUs for recertification, for free!

As a member resource, we placed the frequently asked questions on our home site, here.

  • Take a moment to review the questions and answers. Remember, to have your LP Gas license displayed in your service department if you are a dealership.  If you are a mobile technician, make sure you have it with you at each job location.
  • Take advantage of the free LP Gas courses by subscribing to our learning site. Complete the subscription form here.

As always, if you have any additional questions please contact the FRVTA.