NOTICE:  The information below was obtained directly from Florida Statutes and the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR). Links are provided so you may access the statute and OIR website.


RV Dealers who wish to sell motor vehicle service agreements to their customers must be licensed as an agent of a Motor Vehicle Service Agreement Seller. You must obtain the following license:

References: Sections 634.011 and 634.171, Florida Statutes; Office of Insurance Regulation Website



Section 634.011(15), Florida Statutes defines a “MOTOR VEHICLE SERVICE AGREEMENT SALESPERSON” as a dealership, corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship employed or otherwise retained by an insurer or motor vehicle service agreement company for the purpose of selling or issuing motor vehicle service agreements or for the purpose of soliciting or retaining other salesperson.

Section 634.171, Florida Statutes states that salespersons for motor vehicle service agreement companies and insurers shall be licensed, appointed, renewed, continued, reinstated, or terminated as prescribed in chapter 626 for insurance representatives in general. However, they shall be exempt from all other provisions of chapter 626 including fingerprinting, photo identification, education, and examination provisions. License, appointment, and other fees shall be those prescribed in s. 624.501. A licensed and appointed salesperson shall be directly responsible and accountable for all acts of her or his employees and other representatives. Each service agreement company or insurer shall within 30 days after termination of the appointment, notify the department of such termination. No employee or salesperson of a motor vehicle service agreement company or insurer may directly or indirectly solicit or negotiate insurance contracts, or hold herself or himself out in any manner to be an insurance agent, unless so qualified, licensed, and appointed therefor under the Florida Insurance Code. A motor vehicle service agreement company is not required to be licensed as a salesperson to solicit, sell, issue, or otherwise transact the motor vehicle service agreements issued by the motor vehicle service agreement company.

The required fees for this license can be accessed by clicking here.