The latest findings from the RV Industry Association’s February 2024 survey of manufacturers reveal a notable surge in total RV shipments, reaching 31,024 units by month-end. This figure marks a substantial 17.8% increase compared to the 26,326 units shipped in February 2023.

Commenting on the report, Craig Kirby, President & CEO of the RV Industry Association, expressed optimism, stating, “This report marks the fourth consecutive month of growth in RV shipments, signaling a steady recovery that aligns with ITR Economics’ forecast of 350,000 shipments for 2024.” Kirby emphasized the burgeoning enthusiasm for RV travel, citing data indicating that over 26 million Americans are gearing up for RV adventures this spring, with a notable 14 million planning to incorporate RVing into their travel plans to witness the upcoming total solar eclipse.

Breaking down the shipment statistics, towable RVs, particularly conventional travel trailers, demonstrated robust performance, posting a remarkable 24.4% increase from February last year, totaling 26,984 shipments. Conversely, motorhomes experienced a slight dip (-12.5%) compared to the same period, registering 4,040 units.

Year-to-date data underscores the industry’s resilience, with RV shipments up by a solid 14.9% compared to the corresponding period last year, totaling 53,698 units shipped through February.

However, park model RVs witnessed a downturn in January, recording a decline of (-40.1%) compared to the same month last year, with 300 wholesale shipments.

For further insights, interested parties can access the detailed Shipment Report in PDF format by clicking here.