The RV Technical Institute (RVTI) has launched a program to assist RV technicians with expired certifications in renewing their credentials effortlessly. Sharonne Lee, Vice President of Operations at RV Technical Institute, stated, “We understand that numerous technicians possess expired certifications from the previous RVDA/RVIA program. Our aim is to simplify the process for these technicians to undergo the necessary training and renew their certifications.” The RVTI Board has recently sanctioned the provision of complimentary Level 2 training and one opportunity to attempt the Level 2 tests until the end of the year for technicians with expired certifications. Since assuming control of the RV Industry RV Service Technician Certification program in 2020, the RV Technical Institute has urged all currently certified technicians to transfer their certification to RVTI. Although many technicians have completed this transfer, there remains a significant number who have not yet done so. This new initiative aims to encourage those who haven’t transferred to do it before the year’s end. Know a technician with an expired certification? Spread the word about the program and share the comprehensive reengagement program fact sheet.