Gulf Stream Coach, a leading manufacturer of luxury recreational vehicles, has expressed its admiration for Lesa Colvin, the Director of the Florida RV Supershow. The Florida RV Supershow is one of the largest and most prominent RV shows in the world, attracting a wide range of visitors and showcasing a diverse collection of RVs from various manufacturers.

As the Director of the Florida RV Supershow for the past 35 years, Lesa Colvin has been instrumental in promoting the RV industry and bringing together manufacturers, dealers, and customers from across the country. Her dedication and hard work have helped to make the show a huge success year after year.

Gulfstream Representatives told RV Pro, “We (at Gulf Stream Coach) thought that her contributions to the industry, from the perspective of manufacturers, dealers and retail customers, are among the most far-reaching and impactful of any RV executive,” said Paul Campbell, director of marketing. “We weren’t aware of any official acknowledgment of those contributions, so we thought we’d step up and show our appreciation… Lesa has enabled the show to grow into an enterprise that annually generates tens of thousands of visits, and countless millions of dollars worth of transactions for dealers and manufacturers.”

Lesa received news of the honor in the midst of the opening day of the Supershow but took a moment to comment, “I was am so honored to be thought of and shown such appreciation. It was so incredible and truly made me smile.”