NOTICE:  The information below was obtained directly from Florida Statutes affecting RV dealers and manufacturers. Links are provided so you may access the content of the law.


Legislative Intent:  s 320.3201, F.S.

Definitions:  s 320.3202, F.S.

Requirement for a written manufacturer/dealer agreement; area of sales responsibility:  s 320.3203, F.S.

Termination, cancellation and nonrenewal of a manufacturer/dealer agreement:  s 320.3205, F.S.

Transfer of ownership; family succession:  s 320.3206, F.S.

Warranty Obligations:  s 320.3207, F.S.

Inspection and rejection by the dealer:  s 320.3208, F.S.

Coercion of dealer prohibited:  s 320.3209, F.S.

Civil dispute resolution; mediation; relief:  s 320.3210, F.S.

Penalties:  s 320.3211, F.S.