The Finance Committee reported that with a strong SuperShow and regional shows that the FRVTA is in great financial shape. Jerilyn continues to investigate ways of protecting the assets of the association.

The Education Committee met to discuss the Education Director position and possibly turning it into an Association Liaison position. This would involve visiting with members to find out what types of programs and benefits would help them in their businesses. There will be a series of in-person training classes held around the state in various locations to make it easier for members to attend. More information will be sent in the coming weeks about these opportunities.

The Membership Committee continues to look for member benefits FRVTA can offer to members.  Anyone that has any suggestions as to additional member benefits can contact Deanna Pearce, Committee Chairman, or the FRVTA State Office.

The Government Affairs Committee would like to remind everyone of the importance of the FRVPC fund to support candidates. They decided to increase the PAC Fund, to match up to 50% of the amount the regions donate each year. This will help build the fund so FRVTA can continue to be visible in Tallahassee. The legislative session is still ongoing, and Marc Dunbar and his staff will have a complete report from the session when it ends. Marc wanted to remind members that being politically active even in local elections can pay dividends in the long run. You never know when one of these politicians end up running for a state office.

The PR Committee reported that the two magazines (The RVers Guide and SuperShow Directory) continue to be very successful. Deanna Pearce continues to sell ads in both the RVers Guide and the SuperShow Directory.   The committee feels the SuperShow Directory needs to be smaller to make it easier for the public to use. They will be looking into some redesign ideas. The FRVTA website continues to be a work-in-progress as we look for ways to make searching for members easier.  Traeanne reported strong numbers on FRVTA’s social media and how it continues to push traffic to the website.

The Show Committee met and discussed the Grandfathered Drawing Order for selecting space in the SuperShow. It was voted to continue to use the established drawing order for the upcoming show. They also agreed to increase the deposit amount for dealers in regional shows to $2,500. The committee clarified the show rule stating that no sale of rolling stock and or consignments is allowed to be shown in any booth/ supplier display area. This is to include, but not limited to, pictures, videos and or printed materials.  They are also looking for a tram to take people to the north end of the SuperShow quicker.

Elections for regional offices will take place in the summer months. Please consider stepping up and volunteering for an office. It’s your participation that makes the difference!!