September brought the first of committee week for the 2024 Legislative Session. This first week was scheduled as a House-only committee week and featured few meetings. Instead, the week focused on festivities honoring House Speaker Designee Danny Perez. The official designation ceremony, held on September 18, included multiple speeches from fellow members, including current Speaker Paul Renner. After accepting the designation, Perez spoke about his vision for his tenure. He called the Florida House the “flagship of freedom” not just for the entire state but for the entire country.

Perez touched on his personal beliefs regarding the importance of limited government. He stated: “Legislation isn’t an entitlement. Every dispute between private parties doesn’t require a new law. Every action shouldn’t necessarily need a government reaction… Government cannot be all things to all people. “

Citing property insurance as the clear number one issue, Perez stated: “We can’t say that we are done discussing property insurance until when I start to knock on doors in the homes of my district, people start to understand that they’re seeing the positive change.”

Improving programs and care for Floridians with exceptional abilities is another top priority for the incoming Speaker. The issue is personal to Perez and why he went into elected office: His brother, who is 32, has a severe form of autism that’s left him unable to speak and reliant on his parents.

Perez will begin his tenure as House Speaker in 2025.

In October, the House and Senate will return to Tallahassee to begin its work for the 2024 Legislative session. Speaker Renner and President Passidomo have discussed workforce and infrastructure needs access to healthcare as the most significant priorities for this upcoming Session. Members will be in Tallahassee the weeks of October 9 and 16, and committee weeks will continue through December, with Session beginning January 9, 2024.

We also expect to see similar proposals impacting the RV industry in this upcoming session as in years past. Thank you for staying engaged and lending your voice and expertise when called.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support of the FRVTA’s PAC, especially at this year’s Convention. As an Association, we’ve consistently strived to be a strong, solid, and unified voice for the industry. Our mission is to advocate for those issues that matter the most to us, but we cannot do it alone. Thank you for being a cornerstone of our PAC’s success. Your continued support is invaluable, and we look forward to accomplishing even more together in the days ahead.