Title Stops – How to Place Them

NOTICE:  The information below was obtained directly from the Division of Motorist Services (DMS).


  • If you are the victim of title fraud, you may place an administrative stop on a Florida Title.
  • Stop may be placed for up to 45 business days.
  • Stop will prevent any title action until the stop is removed.
  • Placing and Removing Administrative Stops is addressed in DMS Procedure TL-24.

DESCRIPTION: This procedure provides information and instructions to guide employees and agents of the department in requesting an administrative stop to be added or removed from a specific Florida title.

DEFINITION: Administrative stop: A computer entry to a specific title record, which prevents further title action from being processed until the stop is removed.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITES: A. To place or remove an administrative stop: 1. A written request must be submitted to the department using ONE of the following methods:

a. The tax collector office or license plate agency may fax or email the request to the Bureau of Motorist Compliance/MV Stops section on behalf of its requester The fax number is (850) 617-3946. The email address is AdminStop@flhsmv.gov

b. 1. The requester may fax or email their written request to the fax number or email address provided above, or

2. The requester may mail their written request to the department at the following address:

Division of Motorist Services

ATTN: Administrative Stop Request

2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS # 98

Tallahassee, FL 32399

The written request must contain either the vehicle title number or vehicle identification number and state the reason the requester is requesting to place an administrative stop. The request must also provide the name, mailing address, and telephone number for the requester.

3. Once the request is received, within 48 hours the department will place an administrative stop on the record.

4. The department will generate a letter of acknowledgment to the person requesting the stop. The letter will advise that the stop will remain in effect for 45 business days from the date of the letter. If the requester wants to extend the stop date, the requester must obtain a court order, which advises the department to maintain the stop until further notice. If the department does not receive the court order within the 45-day timeframe, the stop will be removed.

B. When the requester provides a court order in compliance with the administrative stop letter, the department will keep the stop in place until the time requirement specified by the court order expires.

C. When the requester wishes to remove the administrative stop before the stop expires, the requester must do so in writing using the same methods as shown above.

Reference:  DMS Procedure TL-24

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