NOTICE:  The information below was obtained directly from Florida State Statutes and the Division of Motorist Services website. Links are provided so you may access the content of the statutes and the DMS website.


  • The Florida Division of Motorist Services (DMV) administers an electronic system for motor vehicle dealers to issue temporary tags electronically — Electronic Temporary Registration System (ETR).
  • All dealers (including RV dealers) must participate in this program.
  • Pre-printed temporary tags may only be issued when the ETR system is down.
  • RV dealers must subscribe to this service through an approved vendor. The list of approved vendors may be accessed by clicking here.

References:  s. 320.131, Florida Statutes; DMS Procedure RS 31;  DMS Dealer FAQ website; DMS FAQs About ETR and EFSDMS website describing program

The following dealer frequently asked questions can be accessed by clicking here:

Electronic Temporary Registration System

What is ETR?
Electronic Temporary Registration (ETR) is a legislatively authorized program associated with issuing temporary license plates.� This new program requires dealers to report the issuance of temporary license plates to the Department through approved providers.� Dealerships will issue temporary license plates to customers and electronically submit customer and vehicle information to the Department in real time.� Real time access to temporary license plate data will provide law enforcement with critical information in protecting the citizens of Florida.

How do I participate?
Just contact one of the third party providers listed at the following web address to discuss which system best suits your needs:
List of Current Vendors

Is participation mandatory?
Yes; effective July 1, 2008, ALL Florida dealers must issue electronic temporary registrations for vehicles they sell from their licensed location. ETR is mandatory for all department-authorized issuers of temporary license plates (i.e. dealers, tax collectors, etc.). It also requires that the temporary license plate be issued using a print-on-demand process.

What happens if I try to update the record and the department’s computer system is down?
An offline process is in place that will enable temporary license plates to be issued and electronic submission to be reported within 1-business day excluding holidays and weekends.

What are the costs involved?
The costs to participate in this program will depend on the vendor you choose. Just click on the “List of Current Vendors” link above to discuss the details:

What kind of equipment do I need?
You will need a computer, internet access, access to your vendor, a printer, and temporary license plate stock.

What are the benefits of ETR?
Besides the obvious benefit of updating the Florida vehicle database with registration information which immediately allows law enforcement, toll authorities and parking authorities to verify the authenticity of the temporary license plate, dealers who participate will no longer be required to maintain a temporary license plate log.

Will STOPS (Drivers Licenses, Tickets) affect the issuance of temporary tags?

Is the accounting for a second temporary plate done by deal, by VIN or other? Meaning if the client returns the first car, on a Temp Tag, and then selects another car can the second vehicle then receive two temporary tags if necessary? 
We will not allow the same customer to get more than 2 temporary plates for the same vehicle.

Will the dealer be completely restricted from registering temporary tags to a vehicle for which they do not have the title?
As always, a dealer should not sell a vehicle without the title.

What restrictions, if any, are placed on the timing of issuance of a temporary tag and a permanent plate for the same vehicle? 
A temporary plate is issued for 30 days. A permanent plate may be issued at any time during the 30 days or even after. However, once a metal plate is issued the temporary plate becomes invalid in our database.

In addition to the $2.00 fee the dealer collects for the state, is there a state approved fee that the dealer can pass on for a print on demand temp tag? How should the dealer account for the $2.00 tag fee and the vendor fee? (on the Buyers Order)
There is no state approved fee beyond the $2.00 (and the $2.50 service charge if processing through a tag agency). These state approved fees can be included in the state assessed title and registration fees. Dealers are authorized by statute to charge an additional fee for print on demand temporary tags. The dealer may account for the additional fee as it chooses; however, such a fee must not be represented as a fee collected for the state.

For additional information on the Electronic Temporary Registration System, please refer to the Division of Motorist Services’ Procedure RS-31, Temporary License Plates.
This procedure can be viewed on-line at:

More information about the ETR program may be accessed by clicking here.